judging criteria
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Costume: 10% of overall mark.

* Nudity is not permitted

* Costumes must be appropriate and safe for performance in your chosen discipline.

* Heels are not permitted

Floor to Equipment Transitioning : 10% of overall mark.

* Presentation, fluidity, strength and technical ability will be assessed.

Floor work: 10% of overall mark.

* at least 20secs of continuous off the equipment movement is expected.

* Presentation, Fluidity and musicality will be assessed.

Tricks: 20% of overall mark.

* Tricks and skills will be assessed alongside your experience and length of time training.

* Marks will be deducted for poor execution of tricks, I.e lack of strength, bad alignment

or positioning.

* Fluidity of transitions between tricks will be assessed.

Performance: 50% of overall mark.

* Presentation, fluidity, musicality and entertainment will be assessed.

* Length of time training and your performance experience will be taken into account.

* Choreography, audience interaction and imagination will be given credit.

Performance is Key