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Terms and Conditions

* There will be fourteen categories within the championships.     Amateur Lyra

Amateur Silks

Open Amateur

Instructor Lyra

Instructor Silks

Open Instructor

Professional Lyra

Professional Silks

Open Professional

Open Youth

Youth Lyra

Youth Silks

Amateur/Youth Open Double

    Professional/Instructor         Open Doubles

* To enter amateur categories participants must not have made money from the discipline in any way. This

includes instructing and performing.

* To enter instructor categories participants must not have performed professionally on any aerial apparatus. Any person who has undergone instructor training of any aerial discipline must enter instructor level categories.

* Participants are permitted to use their own equipment. All equipment will be safety checked prior to the start of the competition. If you are providing your own equipment, you must also provide all carabineers, swivels and strops to attach it to the single point.

* The only equipment that will be provided by the championships is a 95cm 0 point lyra, a 95cm two point lyra, 65cm static trapeze, and 8m silks. If you do NOT want to perform on those items, please ensure you bring your own.

* Participants will not be permitted to use equipment that is not deemed to be safe or correctly rigged.

* Silks must be mounted on a silks hook or a figure 8.

* If a double point apparatus is going to be used, a paw plate or spreader bar must be supplied by the competitor.

* Participants levels and experience will be taken into account when judging.

* Participants must be 14 years and over to enter all categories except YOUTH and YOUTH/AMATEUR DOUBLES. Participants aged 8-13 years only may enter YOUTH categories.

* All entries must be a minimum of 2 minutes and no longer than 4 minutes.

* Competitors music choice should be submitted to us at least 7 days prior to the regional event date in MP3 format to music@ukaerialperformance.co.uk

* Profanities will not be permitted within your music choice. Nor will excessive vulgarity or other offensive Material.

* All Under 18 competitors must have a parent or guardian responsible for them at all times. This includes when performing.

* A spotter is permitted for all competitors.

* Any participant under the age of 18 must use a mat. Information regarding the type of mats available at each event is available upon request but you are permitted to use your own providing it is suitable for the level of risk involved in your act.

* Marks will not be deducted for the use of a mat by any participant and we strongly advise all participants to use one.

* Please ensure you only perform moves you are competent and confident to execute.

* If at any time during your performance you do not feel safe, you are free to stop the activity.

* Entrants must not be under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.

* Entrants must be fit to perform and must warm up prior to their performance.

* Organisers reserve the right to disqualify any participant they believe to be acting in a unprofessional manor.

* Any props, glitter or any other substance must be pre approved by both the competition organisers and the venue owners so please notify us ASAP if you intend to use anything in your act.

* Judges are permitted to stop your performance at any time if they consider it unsafe or inappropriate.

* If you have any concerns or questions please email us at info@ukaerialperformance.co.uk or call on 07919133355 before the event as we may be unable to find solutions to any problems that we find out about on the day.

* By participating in the UK Aerial Performance Championships you are declaring you are aware of the risks involved in aerial activities and are responsible at all times for your own safety.

* All regional event performances will be judged live. We will have 1 judge that attends all regional events and the score from this judge will make up 50% of your overall score for assessment of placements in the UK Aerial Championship final. We may have additional guest judges at regional events and their score will be used when assessing regional event places only and will not be included when assessing placements for the final. All competitors will receive scores and feedback from the regional event live judges, we aim to send this to competitors within 2 weeks of the regional event.

* All regional event performances will be recorded and all performance videos will be re-judged by a minimum of two additional judges. All entries within the same category will be judged by the same two video judges. The average score from video judges will make up a total of 50% of your overall score for the assessment of placements in the UK Aerial Performance Championship final. All competitors will receive scores and feedback from the video judges but this may take some time to be sent to you.

* Judges decisions are final and will not be negotiated. However if you have any questions surrounding your score/feedback then please contact us at info@ukaerialperformance.co.uk